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SoulShine Clay Story

Humble Beginnings

Born from a passion of creating beautiful wearable art. I started SoulShine Clay in hopes of creating a business that would connect me with other women in my community all while letting my creativity flow. Being a stay at home mom is amazing, but I wanted something to enjoy outside of keeping my tiny humans alive. I love making new friends and creating jewelry connects me and my art to new people daily.I enjoy creating and making, but I also truly love the connection with each of my customers. Seeing a picture or hearing how my handmade earrings made you feel beautiful is the most fulfilling part of owning SoulShine Clay. My husband John is my biggest supporter, we are a team in raising our 4 beautiful children and helping each other reach our personal goals.I am really glad you are here and I hope you find something here that makes you smile.

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California, USA

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